Prof Bruce Wilson

RMIT University

Director of the European Union Centre at RMIT, and a member of the Melbourne Committee, ESAANZ. In this role, he provides insights to and leads research and debate on EU-Australian relations, encouraging mobility for staff and students, and for building partnerships between Australian universities and organisations and their European counterparts. He leads a major Jean Monnet network on the EU role in implementation of the SDGs, a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on smart specialisation and regional policy, and a project on innovation and trade. These interventions seek to promote innovative economic development that improves the living and working conditions of people in metropolitan and rural city-regions. He has had long experience in working with all levels of government on organisational and social change and is committed to linking researchers and policy makers with city and regional governments in policy formation related to social and economic policy, innovation, lifelong learning and environment. He was a founding Co-Director of Pascal International Observatory.


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